Prescription Savings In Challenging Times

Prescription Savings In Challenging Times.

Lowell Mims and Ernie Land, owners of ProvisionRx, announced today that the company has reached two massive milestones.

ProvisionRx has aided in saving American consumers nearly $10,000,000 on prescription drugs since the company’s inception and continual savings of $150,000 a week on needed medications. The purpose of the program is to offer significant relief on prescription costs, especially for those who are uninsured or underinsured, although anyone, including seniors that fall in the Medicare Part D doughnut hole, are allowed to use the card whether they have coverage or not.

“As of today, over 30 million ProvisionRx prescriptions cards have been ordered and are in the distribution process. In 2012 this number will increase to well over 100 million cards to reach nearly one third of all Americans. This Rx savings program is in great demand during these austere times” stated Lowell Mims.

ProvisionRx remains on track to build a Fortune 500 Company and is positioned for massive growth in 2012. Ernie Land states, “The ProvisionRx unique distribution model is designed to help all Americans and is attracting people from every walk of life. ProvisionRx offers free prescription discount cards to save Americans on drug costs, driving down out of pocket costs and creating greater access to needed medications. This is finally a home based business everybody can do. With every milestone that we achieve, the goal of positively and dramatically affecting every American is becoming reality.”

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Testimonial Of Savings!

Testimony About ProvisionRx & Saving Money On Prescription Drugs

Dennis informed me about a program he was participating in involving saving people money on prescriptions; sometimes even bigger savings than the health insurance would cover. Dennis gave me some of his prescription savings cards and I just threw them into my purse, not thinking twice. I am currently a student and still on my father’s insurance plan. At the time Dennis told me about his new found ProvisionRX group, my father was in the middle of getting a new job. This caused our health insurance to have many flaws. Unfortunately, I have several prescriptions I take on a daily basis.

When I tried to fill some of my medications, one of my breathing treatments included, my pharmacist could not fill it because of the insurance confusion. I could not afford any of them without insurance coverage. I remembered I had some of Dennis’ cards, and pulled one out. I was able to afford my medications and saved nearly two hundred dollars at one time!

Thank you Dennis! – Celika

Lowell Mims, Ernie Land & ProvisionRx Release A Free Pharmacy Discount Card That Helps Charities Raise Money and Meets A Humanitarian Need at the Same Time

Lowell Mims, Ernie Land & ProvisionRx Release A Free Pharmacy Discount Card That Helps Charities Raise Money and Meets A Humanitarian Need at the Same Time.



Lowell Mims and Ernie Land Announce The TOP 10 Savings Leaders

ProvisonRx is proud to announce THE TOP 10 Savers for October 3rd to October 9th, 2011!
Congratulations for all your efforts!!!

Inaugural National Convention of ProvisionRx Announced

Inaugural National Convention of ProvisionRx Announced.

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Inaugural National Convention of ProvisionRx Announced

Lowell Mims and Ernie Land announce the first ever National Convention of ProvisionRx to be held in Nashville, Tennessee on October 7, 8 and 9, 2011.

Nashville, Tennessee (PRWEB) September 29, 2011

Lowell Mims and Ernie Land announced the first ever National Convention of ProvisionRx on October 7 – 9, 2011 at the gorgeous Sheraton Music City Hotel in Nashville, TN. The convention coincides with the 86th Birthday Celebration of the Grand Ole Opry. ProvisionRx will honor the Grand Ole Opry by using its theme throughout the convention.

The Inaugural National Convention will bring together ProvisionRx top leaders from all over the United States for a comprehensive overview of the rapidly expanding company. To date, ProvisionRx has saved American consumers over five million dollars on prescription medication in its first year alone.

The Convention’s theme is Providing Life Without Limits. The company’s mission is to build a Fortune 500 corporation that features one of the most lucrative marketing plans in America.

“Our first national conference is a historic event,” said Lowell Mims. “Our Independent Business Owners will showcase their efforts and ardent desire to help those in their communities save 10%-75% on most prescriptions. The conference will cover topics relevant to the pursuit of our overall vision to place our pharmacy discount card into the hands of every person in America. This is one way we are making an impact on our country’s health care crises. At the close of the convention, we fully believe that every attendee will realize that their life will never be the same again.”

Ernie Land commenting on the agenda, “Our first year’s keynote speakers will include Dr. Ron Mueller, James Wood and Gary Eby. Dr. Mueller’s expert advice on tax savings will teach our IBO’s that “the more you know, the less you owe.” Mr. Wood’s address will feature the strategy of staying the course in business, “after three decades of yesterdays, we know our future remains bright.” Finally, the highly acclaimed international motivational speaker Mr. Gary Eby will share his insights about “Vision, Integrity and Diligence: Providing life Without Limits.”

The ProvisionRx Conventionwill also feature country music look-a-likes, a live country music band, an innovative dream building session in a photography green room, learning sessions from top earners and builders and three of the industry’s best keynote speakers. It will also include a State of the Company Address, by Lowell Mims and Ernie Land, breaking news announcements and an awards presentation. All attendees are invited to a Sunday Morning Nondenominational Church Service.

The ProvisionRx Inaugural National Convention will prove to be a life changing and historical event of which thousands of registered guests await with high anticipation!

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Top 10 Leaders Of Savings With ProvisionRx

Lowell Mims Updates Latest ProvisionRx National Conference!

Hear the latest information about the ProvisionRx National Conference here!

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Personal Invitation From Lowell Mims To Attend The ProvisionRx National Meeting!

Watch this video and recieve a personal invitation from Lowell Mims to attend the ProvisionRx National Meeting in Nashville!

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Lowell Mims Announces Inaugural ProvisionRx National Meeting In Nashville!

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